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    Teeth not as bright as they should be?


    Newsletter 2nd April 2014: Teeth not as bright as they should be?


    Teeth not as bright as they should be?

    Have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed that your teeth aren’t looking as bright or white as they used to be?

    Over time the daily morning coffee, lunchtime cola drink, glass of red wine with dinner, nibble of chocolate for dessert can contribute to build up of staining on the surface of the white hard outer layer of our teeth called enamel.  Often it is the natural/added food colouring in what we eat or drink daily which accumulates and can lead to noticeable tooth discolouration.

    Reducing our weekly intake of highly coloured food or drink can minimise teeth discolouration and staining.  Careful toothbrushing and dental flossing daily to remove residual food and plaque on our teeth is ideal.  When plaque remains on or around our teeth it can harden and form tartar that can appear yellow and can take up staining also.

    Life can be busy, to keep us going it’s not unusual for us to grab another cup of coffee here, an energy drink there, a cup of tea later on.  The caffeine contained in these drinks can contribute to dehydration and lack of salivary flow leading to minimal saliva coating and protecting our dental enamel.  As a result the relative dryness of dental enamel can lead to more stain attaching and building up on the enamel layer, giving the appearance of darker discolouration.

    Drinking water and chewing sugar free gum can stimulate more saliva production which can restore the protective layer over dental enamel again.

    There are also many other causes of tooth discolouration including dental trauma, tooth decay and antibiotic staining.  Early detection of these problems so that they can be managed early on can minimise long term effects.

    At Eve Dental our Dentists are passionate about oral health and helping you to look after your smile.  We can customise a plan to help you arrive in the Eve Health Zone (having achieved your dental health goals, and moving to a maintenance phase)

    Your smile can be one of your best assets.  We’re all for helping you smile again.


    Can we Help?

    As always, it would be our pleasure to help in any way we possibly can. Call us on 9808 5252 for more information. Alternatively you can email [info@evedental.com.au], or come in for a chat.

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  • The personality of a person can also be judged by his cloths by his facial expressions and by his teeth. So it is recommended to have bright teeth that can represent your bright personality. And if you don’t have the brightness in your teeth then you can read the content of this blog as it would be helpful for you.

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