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    What’s that sting when I’m trying to enjoy a cold drink?

    Newsletter 15th May 2014: What’s that sting when I’m trying to enjoy a cold drink?

    What’s that sting when I’m trying to enjoy a cold drink?

    sensitiveteeth-smallOuch! Ever feel that sharp sting of sensitivity when you’re trying to enjoy an ice cream or that ice cold drink on a sunny day?

    It might be dentine hypersensitivity.

    That saying “getting longer in the tooth” can refer to the process of gum recession that can occur over time as we age and the wear and tear around our gum-line has taken its toll.

    Years of brushing too hard or with a toothbrush with bristles that are too hard can promote shrinking back of the gum-line which our Eve Dentists refer to as gingival recession. This in turn can expose the sensitive tooth root that covers the “dental pulp” – nerve and blood supply of our teeth. This surface is often more yellow in colour and is more porous than the white hard enamel covering of our teeth.

    Using a desensitising toothpaste may help reduce the feeling of dentine by clogging the pores or chemically reducing the sensation felt around the sensitive area around our teeth.

    Occasionally a filling may be beneficial to coat and protect the sensitive surface from further wear and exposure to the oral environment.

    Tooth cracks, breakage and enamel wear can also lead to exposure of the sensitive core of dentine. These can often be dealt with by sealing and restoring the affected areas with fillings or stronger materials in the form of dental crowns that can seal areas where the protection of enamel tooth tissue has been lost.

    Gum disease is another factor where unhealthy gums may lead to dental sensitivity. Inflamed or infected gums are more likely break down where they usually seal and insulate the area between the sensitive root surface of your teeth.

    Our Eve Dentists are passionate about you and your oral health. Early detection and an oral health plan to help you reach the Eve Dental Health Zone can minimise your risk of dental sensitivity and ongoing symptoms. We’re all for helping you to have a healthy mouth so you can enjoy life!

    Call us on 9808 5252 for more information. Alternatively you can email info@evedental.com.au or come in for a chat.

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