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Eve Dental in Ryde NSW provides orthodontic treatment to all ages. Orthodontic treatment is used to straighten your teeth so that they work and look better.

The position of your jaw and teeth have an effect on your bite (which is how your bottom and top teeth come together). When your bite does not come together properly, this is referred to as malocclusion or a bad bite. A number of things can contribute to a bad bite, the common ones being missing teeth, crooked teeth, crowded teeth, protruding teeth, and thumb or finger sucking.

Fixing a bad bite will improve both your appearance and your health.  A bad bite commonly contributes to the following health problems: makes it hard to chew some foods; wearing down of teeth; muscle tension and pain; chipped or broken teeth; difficulty in cleaning crowded & crooked teeth leading to higher likelihood of cavities and gum disease.

At Eve Dental we assess your teeth and depending on the unique need, there are a range of appliances that can be used in orthodontics.

Some of the well-known appliances that we use include:


These appliances will apply gentle pressure on your teeth, and over a period of time this pressure will move your teeth into the desired position leaving you with straight teeth and a beautiful smile for life.

If you have further questions, or think that you could benefit from Orthodontic treatment – contact us and request a Complimentary 15-minute Orthodontic Consult. Call 9808-5252 or Email info@evedental.com.au.

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