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    Kids’ First Visit to the Dentist



    Newsletter 5th March 2014: Kids’ First Visit to the Dentist


    What is the best age to start Dentist visits?

    One of the most common questions we receive at Eve Dental from parents, is — “What age is it best to bring my child to the dentist for their first visit?” Contrary to common belief about milk teeth being transitional and therefore not important, many parents are starting to realise that emerging baby teeth need to be looked after just as carefully as we look after our own permanent teeth. As well as their importance for chewing and speaking, they help proper jaw development and reserve spaces for permanent teeth to come through later. The front teeth will last until age 5–7, and molars until about 12 years of age.

    Whilst it is never too late, we recommend your child’s first visit to the dentist to be just after their first birthday. The best way to begin your child’s dental life is through prevention, and introducing your child from an early age will ensure health during baby teeth development, adult teeth development, and overall health in the long run. The dentist will look for:

    •     the number of baby teeth and their spacing and placement
    •     how effectively they are being cleaned
    •     any changes in colour, or spotting of teeth, signifying early decay. About 20% of children have a type of decay called “Early childhood caries” often related to dietary and feeding habits.


    Can we Help?

    As always, it would be our pleasure to help in any way we possibly can. Call us on 9808 5252 for more information. We would love to partner with you in caring for your child’s dental health. Alternatively you can email [info@evedental.com.au]

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